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Frequently asked questions

What is a clinical trial?

Clinical trials are research studies conducted on human participants to help medical professionals understand and treat health and disease.  Researchers are able to better understand:

  • How the body works
  • How diseases and illnesses develop and progress in the human body
  • The body’s response to treatment

The goal of clinical research studies, or trials, is to improve the health and overall wellbeing of people through various treatments.

Who can participate in clinical trials?

People who participate in clinical research studies have to fit certain inclusion and exclusion criteria, such as:

  • A certain age range
  • Do or do not currently have a certain disease or illness
  • With or without a certain type of health history, such as prior history with a certain disease or illness (pre-existing)

Before joining a clinical research study, each participant must meet with a physician to qualify.

What are the risks of participating in clinical trials?
  • There may be side effects of some experimental treatment which may be unpleasant or life-threatening.
  • The experimental treatment may not be effective for the participant.
  • The procedure may require more of the participant’s time and attention.
Why participate in a clinical trial? (Benefits)

Participants in clinical trials gain first-hand experience on treatments before it becomes popularized. In addition, they obtain expert medical care during trials.

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